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Hancham Korean BBQ Restaurant 韓珍

Hancham Korean BBQ Restaurant located TST Prat Avenue & Empire Centre is definitely your best choice for Sinchon eight colors pork belly. There are numerous branches in Korea; the main courses of the BBQ materials are fresh and creative. Besides, smoked seafood platter & smoked duck breast are also highly recommended.



Callfixie / Call維修


CallFixie is a technology startup that connects users to handymen through the web, telephone hotline, WhatsApp and mobile app for the entire range of maintenance and repair services. 
Launched in Hong Kong in January 2015, CallFixie has already become the largest handyman platform in Hong Kong. 
In addition to Hong Kong, CallFixie has operations in Australia and more recently, India.The Handymen on CallFixie represent the entire range of skillset and services, including locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, air-conditioner experts and IT specialists. CallFixie has also built a wide spectrum of customers from individual homeowners to corporate clients in multiple industries.





Jiffy Car Valet

Jiffy car valet uses revolutionary pressured hot steam to wash and clean car’s exterior and interior. Steam is a perfect media to combat grease, dirt, dust and allergens. It gets outstanding results and completely safe on car surfaces. Moreover, steam has sanitizing, eliminating germs and deodorizing effects in the interior of your car. The most special feature of steam is Eco-friendly.



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